Heater Mikuni MY 30

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Modell: T5
Aufbauart/Ausstattung: Kasten/Transp Klima,
Leistung: 77 kW
Motorkennbuchstabe: 7HK
Anzahl der Busse: 1
Wohnort: Neunkirchen / Saar

Heater Mikuni MY 30

Beitrag von Pida »

hello VW-en-T-husiasts ,

has anybody heard of above heater ?
They were long sold by Mikuni / Japan , later MV Heating / Southampton , took over - apparently with several modifications.

I am a bit desperate to find an OPOERATION MANUAL , since the unit is operated via two digital programming units/displays.

The heater was also used in the maritime environment and installed in boats.

Any help is appreciated.

Cheers and stay healthy

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